You Can Light My Fire… After You Clean The Chimney!

As the days turn chilly and leaves fall who doesn’t like to curl up in front of a crackling fire with a good book. The warmth and sparks of a good fire are just what we dream about as we walk in cold mists or rain. But before you cuddle up before the hearth, be sure you check up on your fireplace safety.

How Often Does My Chimney Need Cleaning?

The answer may surprise you. If you use your fireplace every year, you really need to clean the chimney every year. The reason is simple; burning fires causes chimneys to build up a layer of soot and creosote on the inner chimney walls. Creosote usually forms and accumulates when wood is not fully burned. Leaving soot and creosote to build up over time can cause an odor and make cleaning much more difficult as it hardens. A dirty chimney is prone to fires from the left over creosote. So early spring after a season of winter fires, is the very best time to clean your chimney. But, if you did not get to that task then, fall is definitely the time to address the issue.

Don't Fall Behind! Call Today

While it is important to clean out your fireplace after each use with brushes and shovels, it is even more important to clean the fireplace’s chimney before you start using it in the fall. Gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces, wood burning stoves all need to have their chimney’s cleaned. So, don’t delay and call the professionals at Aero Services to sweep and clean your chimney. Then when the weather turns cold, and icy winds begin the blow, you know you can hit the books and turn up the heat without any worry for safety.